Easy ways to de-stress at work

Whether you are an engineer, designer or a journalist, the CEO of a company or a technician, workplaces can be quite tough to handle. Every profession and workplace comes with its own variety of stress, and if you are not equipped to handle it, the pressure can be a bit too much to take from time to time.

It is because of these stressors that many of us have breakdowns or periods during which productivity is at its lowest. While you might be able to overcome these issues on your own, with time, they do take a toll on mental health.

There are, however, some easy ways in which you can stay mentally healthy while dealing with the everyday pressures of your job, especially in corporate settings.

  • Switch off — remember where work ends and your home life begins. If you work from home, keep work related items in a room where you can shut the door at the end of the day, so closing it away and keeping it separate from home.
  • Take a break – Sitting at a desk or being on call from 9 till 5 (often longer) can lead to you spending a lot of time in a demanding environment. Make sure you take a break such as going for a lunchtime walk to help refresh.
  • Play music — whether you are allowed your own headset, or you have the radio playing, this can take your mind off work for a few minutes and help you relax and unwind. It can help block out any surrounding distractions helping you get your work done quicker and keep you focused.
  • Get your work–life balance right — make time for you and your family.
  • End the day with tomorrow’s to-do list. It’ll help you shut off and refocus for the next day.
  • Workplace confidence – in an uncertain workplace environment many people can feel fear for their future. Focus on your role and skill sets and discuss your future with colleagues and managers.
  • Healthy body, healthy mind – ensure that you are well rested and physically healthy, also issues with concentration, memory or vision maybe related to stress so see a doctor if things change.
  • Ensuring you stay in control and on top of things at work will be a huge help for you. However, remember, this isn’t always the case, so this is where it is important to be able to ask for help.
  • Have something to look forward to – it is easy to feel stuck in a cycle and it is important to have some non-work events to look forwards to from a meal out to your annual holiday.
  • Talk – though it may seem like a big step, sharing your feelings or concerns could make a major difference especially if people don’t know you’re suffering. They could offer support in terms of workload or simply help by talking things through.
  • Be active – daily exercise is important for our mental well-being. It can prevent depression and anxiety. Being active also improves our mood, contributes to feelings of self-worth and makes us happy.

Written by Rimpa Sarkar

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