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Oftentimes you just cannot seem to figure out what is causing your physical illnesses, like headaches, stomach issues or even hair fall. Is that correct? Then maybe, you are exhibiting symptoms because of stress, anxiety or something else? Somatic symptoms may also lead to serious mental health disorders. Address it now!

Stress is the new hip word that everyone seems to be using all the time. But do you know, every human being feels stressed everyday? Even though some of it helps keep us driven and excited, too much negative stress is bad for physical and mental health. Find out how stress is hampering your daily life.

Work stress can greatly undermine your overall well-being if you do not address it. There are many ways you can know you are stressed at your job. For example, do you feel depressed before starting work in the morning or do you get anxious because of your boss or any particular task? Take this quiz to find out more.

Eating disorders are extremely common in today’s youth. If you feel you or someone close to you might have an eating disorder, take this test to know for sure! Some of the most common types of disordered eating are dieting and restrictive eating. Others include self-induced vomiting, binge eating, and laxative abuse. 

Faulty mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, and stressful life events – anything can cause you to feel extreme sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness. If you have been feeling like this for more than a few months now which makes getting up from bed & falling asleep hard, then try this quiz. Getting help for depression is easy and necessary.

India has ranked 139 in the World Happiness Rankings 2021 published in the 9th World Happiness Report. India’s rank in 2020 was 144. Check out this quiz to find your own individual happiness index. This will help you increase it.

Has a loved one of yours began seeing or hearing things that are not actually there? Do you observe incoherence in what they say or do? In cases of thought disturbance disorders, individuals often have either monotonous voices or talk influenced by grandiose thinking. They might also show poor judgment or insight.

Do you know what helps you the most when you meet a new person you want to connect with? Or ace a job interview? Or just spend a lonely afternoon all by yourself? Self-esteem. It is how we value and perceive ourselves. Fun fact: it is something you can always work upon to improve!

Do you ever wonder about your contentment with your job? Whether you like the job or your co-workers, or even the nature of your work or supervision? Job satisfaction is very important in your long-term career and happiness in your life. Be sure to find out if you are satisfied with your job!

Do you feel nauseous, ill or hyper-aware and stressed out before small events? Or some event or a build-up of smaller stressful life situations have triggered you to feel anxious, hyper-aware? Anxiety can be caused by a death in the family, work stress or ongoing worry about finances. Some personality types are more prone to anxiety disorders than others are. Find out if you have anxiety or might be prone to it.

Issues such as peer pressure, academic expectations and changing bodies can bring a lot of ups and downs for teens. But for some teens, the lows are more than just temporary feelings — they’re a symptom of depression. If you suspect that your teen is feeling this way, encourage them to fill out this quiz!

Have you been having trouble with your sleep – like inability to fall asleep fast, drowsiness or fatigue during the day or insomnia? A lot of different things can be causing this. Fill out this questionnaire to find out what is affecting your sleep.