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In response to the growing emphasis on mental health within the aviation industry, the Government of India, through the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), has issued a medical circular effective from May 31st, 2023. This circular focuses on the “mental health promotion of flight crew and Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs),” aiming to raise awareness and enhance mental health practices within aviation.

In alignment with these directives, aviation organizations are urged to prioritize mental health issues by implementing early recognition, reporting, and effective management strategies. To support pilots, cabin crews, and ATCOs in performing at their best, and to assist aviation organizations in making informed recruitment decisions, it is recommended that each organization establishes a tailored ‘Psychological Assessment’ process. This process should encompass peer support and pre-employment psychological assessments.

Why Aviation Mental Health Support Matters?

Stress Mitigation

Aviation professionals often face high-stress environments. Our services aim to mitigate stressors, fostering a healthier mental state for enhanced performance.

Compliance with Regulations

In alignment with aviation regulations, our support services assist airlines in meeting mental health guidelines, such as those outlined by regulatory bodies like the DGCA.

Enhanced Performance

Mental well-being is directly linked to job performance. Our support enables aviation professionals to perform at their best, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Proactive Mental Health Culture
We promote a proactive mental health culture within aviation organizations, emphasizing early recognition, reporting, and effective management of mental health issues.

Why Choose Sentier Mind?

Sentier Mind stands as a reliable partner in helping aviation organizations achieve compliance with the DGCA medical circular. We are well-equipped to support organizations in meeting regulatory requirements worldwide.

Our commitment extends to facilitating the creation of custom Psychological Assessment processes, ensuring that your organization not only complies with regulatory standards but also promotes a culture of mental well-being within the aviation workforce.

Explore our comprehensive services and experience the difference in mental health support for aviation professionals. Choose Sentier Mind for a safer, healthier, and more resilient aviation industry.

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Choose Sentier Mind for comprehensive Aviation Mental Health Support and elevate your team’s well-being for a safer and more resilient aviation industry.

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