Choose the right career for you.

Choose the right career for you

In a recent article by India Today from 2019, it was reported that 93% of Indian students were just aware of seven career options. Options that most Indians are belonging to mediocre socio-demographic strata would have been given when they were coming of age. Even though there are more than 250 jobs, why did students aged 14-21 just have a minuscule percentage of its options? A considerable number of social, economic, and filial factors are associated with this lack of awareness.

Common career options considered by students
Source: Mindler via India Today
  • Even though most schools have school counsellors and offer career guidance services, they often fail in educating their students about the vast sea of options to build a career.
  • Parents and relatives often do not provide a democratic discussion when a student has to make a choice regarding their careers. They try to force their wishes and expectations without taking the child’s interests, aptitudes, and desires into consideration. Read some students’ takes on this matter here.
  • In Southern Asia, because of the culture and collectivist nature of our community, students often get lost amongst a plethora of suggestions, cautions and narratives. This might confuse them into choosing an unsuitable career.
  • Career counselling is still an upcoming necessity in the country. Many students and their parents are not acquainted with its benefits or think it is a “waste of money” due to this lack of awareness.

These are a few reasons why some Indian youth suffer from choosing the wrong career path. Which has a hoard of negative impacts ranging from a lack of academic drive, and poor performance to severe mental health problems like anxiety, stress, and depression. All of this culminates in the individual having low life satisfaction that further affects their personal life and hinders their flourishment.

Quite scary, isn’t it? However, that is not this article’s intention – to scare you. In fact, let us take a look into what you can do, what you can ask others to do and how you can work with a healthy and happy mind to find the career that suits you!

Let’s get Clinical: Making a good, life-impacting decision is not just about instinct, is it? Why not put some science to use? Go for Career counselling. Career counsellors are professionals from the field of psychology, who use psychometric tests and talk therapy to understand what kind of a career path would give you success. Multiple tests for intelligence, aptitude, interest, and personality will be administered to you. Your counsellor will speak with you to understand what you want in life, your professional and personal goals, and the skills that you already possess. Using the data from all of the above will give you a short list of career choices for you to choose from!

It is generally recommended to approach career counselling in your 10th Standard to choose which stream of study you want to pursue in your 11th and 12th grade and after finishing High School. However, you can seek career counselling at any stage of your life to find the guidance you deserve.

The Internet is your buddy: Yes, we all love YouTube, Instagram and all the sites that allow us to watch amazing movies and play fantastic games. But it also hosts giant storage of resources to understand multiple types of work that one can engage in. These sites will teach you how to pursue a career when you have decided to do so. This research can help you look into the nitty-gritty of the education that you might need to work in your chosen career in the future. One might even realize that a career is NOT suitable for them through this process.

Some resources educating the youth of India about various courses, colleges, etc are:

YouTube also has multiple videos to assist you in your research.

Someone who has walked the same path: Now that you have found your career path and know what it takes to follow through with it, it would be great to consider talking to someone who has actually done it all. You can use social media sites like LinkedIn, to find such people. Most of them are really helpful and as long as you craft a formal Direct Message, it’s a good chance you will get a reply back.

This will help you to understand what your next few years is going to look like, and you can learn first-hand from someone’s experience. It will give you a blueprint to avoid pitfalls and make the most of what makes you excited and happy.

Get your support system on your side: Often, even when you are pretty sure which career would make you happy and help you succeed, your friends and family might not see it that way. Their pre-conceived notions of success might get in the way. This can cause sadness, loneliness, frustration, and confusion. Thus, it is always helpful to explain to your loved ones why you have decided to follow your chosen career path. Some ways in which you can do that is:

  • If your folks are rational, and like statistics and data, prepare a presentation for them! Include how your chosen career has fared and why it will be in demand in the future. Additionally, add your psychometric test scores to show why and how well you will fit into the roles.
  • If they get moved through emotion, prepare a heartfelt speech. This can include how your long-term goals and happiness will be fulfilled through this career choice. Even if something goes wrong, remind them of your strengths and how you will get back on your feet and that you will respect their support and give back to them by working hard.
  • Prepare a list of scholarships that can support you financially during your education, apprenticeship, or internship. So, even if finances might be an issue from their side, this will placate them. BuddyforStudy is a great resource to find cool scholarships!
  • Take their opinions into consideration, calmly. They might have great suggestions and input. However, since this is almost like a business pitch and you are the one in need of support, do not let things get heated. Remember you are on the doorsteps of being an adult. Adulthood is all about being calm, rational, and empathetic. So even if you are facing backlash, breathe through it and stand your ground.

This period of decision-making might get stressful. You may not be in control of what others say and think, but you are in control of what you feel. To an extent. So, you must brush up on your coping skills for this season. Some of our favorites are:

  • Find your peace in your hobby. It can be video-making, gardening, or riding your bike through the quiet streets.
  • Journal your thoughts and feelings. Write what you are grateful for and affirm yourself about your strength and qualities.
  • Engage in physical activity – working out, swimming, yoga or your favorite sport can help you release that pent-up stress.
  • Lean on your loved ones. Share what you are feeling with someone you trust.
  • Help someone else. Often, when we are swamped with our own worries, getting out of it, and supporting someone else in trouble becomes therapeutic.

We are sure you will get through this. And if you need help, Sentier Mind is always there!

Sentier Mind provide student support program to educational enterprises for mental wellness of our young ones. We have a team of Psychologist working with this population for over a decade. We help to provide the care that every individual deserve.

Written by Rima Chowdhury

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