For Workplace Wellbeing

We assist organisations and teams get the skills they need to succeed in their field. We help updating employees’ skills and preparing them for career advancement which not only provides a better trained and more productive work force but also generates higher employee satisfaction and retention. We help you tackle your organization’s performance issues from start to finish with following services:



An assessment is the best way to identify whether a candidate’s characteristics and motivations match the behaviors needed for his/her job role. We can assist you during recruitment and selection process to assess the ability in specific skills or to find out about one’s personal qualities to identify role fitment


Diagnostic Tools are the methods help to get a clear understanding of any issue present in your organisation. It provides various employee engagement and consultation tools to establish what staff think and feel about their current situation, and the way forward to make them more productive for the organisation.


We help an organization to achieve its goals by doing survey through assessments. This assessment looks at employee and organizational knowledges, skills, and abilities, to identify any gaps or areas of need. Through the result of assessment, a work plan is made to develop strengths and overcome challenges by training or coaching employees.


We provide psychological evaluation with Fitness report and treatment (If needed) for seafarers/Merchant Navy/offshore/onshore Professionals. We assist organizations to evaluate and accordingly take decisions during Pre-medical phase of recruitment.


Since the mind and body are interlinked, a wellbeing checkup can help ensure that you are not overlooking any issues that might impact your health and your overall wellbeing. They are designed to intervene before struggles with work-life balance and emotional or physical health problems leave the employee (an individual, a team or an entire business division) unable to cope. We provide you rating for different emotional wellbeing indicators, Risk factors that you should be aware of and options to improve and safeguard your emotional wellbeing and overall health.


360 Degree Feedback is a process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports. An anonymous feedback form that asks questions covering a broad range of workplace competencies. We help employees within organizations get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and address skills such as listening, planning, and goal-setting.


Organisation Development (OD) Interventions are carefully designed actions or interventions aimed at identifying underlying issues in a team, department or organisation that impedes performance and efficiency and to improve their task performance and become more effective to organisation.

Competency Mapping: We identify the specific skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviors required to operate effectively in a specific trade, profession, or job position as per client’s needs.

Behavioral Training: Behavioural skills training is a blend of skills that are required in interpersonal relationships, effective communication, engaging attitudes and productive emotions that will allow employees to work & perform well with their colleagues. In other words, it aids individuals to analyse their existing behaviour patterns, and trains them with new skills to recognize new patterns to achieve better results. Therefore, these programs are a key part of leadership training.

Leadership Coaching: Leadership Coaching has offered programs helping key leaders develop a new level of leadership effectiveness. Programs are tailored for individual executives or high potential emerging leaders to achieve new leadership approaches, more effective collaboration strategies, and new mindsets needed for each business challenges.

Functional Team Dynamics: Team dynamics are the unconscious, psychological forces that influence the direction of a team’s behaviour and performance. Functional Team dynamics are created by the nature of the team’s work, the personalities within the team, and their working relationships with other people, and the environment in which the team works.

Employee Counselling:Counseling is warranted when one notices an inability to cope with the environment. This inability manifests in behaviour disorder which in turn does lead to harm to self, the organization and others working therein. Counseling can help reduce frustration, by helping the employees to choose a mature course of action to remove blockages preventing goal accomplishment, or by helping them to reconcile with the reality. Counselors work with both, the employee and the Management.

Psychometric Assessments: Diagnostic Tools are the methods help to get a clear understanding of the presenting issues. It provides various employee engagement and consultation tools to establish what staff think and feel about their current situation, and the way forward.