Dr. Vinesh d. Chandramaniya

Dr. Vinesh d. Chandramaniya

Full Name: Dr. Vinesh d. Chandramaniya
Experience: 10 yrs
Qualification: M.D. in Psychiatry, DPM, MBBS, FIPS, Diploma in Sexology
Preferred Language: Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, English
SpecializationPsychiatry, Sexologist, Deaddiction
Counselling Fees 15 Min
Online: Consulting : ₹ 600
Clinic: Consulting : ₹ 900

Dr. Vinesh Chandramaniya is practicing Psychiatry and sexology in private settings as well as in corporate and seafarers. He is also honorary visiting psychiatrist to nuclear power corporation of India, Tarapur atomic power station, Indian naval dockyard.

Dr. Vinesh is actively working on spreading awareness by conducting seminars on stress management, mental health, depression for corporates, general practitioners, community and schools and colleges.

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