Dr. Rituparna Ghosh

Dr. Rituparna Ghosh

Full Name: Dr. Rituparna Ghosh
Experience: 15 yrs
Qualification: Ph.D., M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology
Preferred Language: English, Hindi, Bengali
SpecializationStress Management, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Occupational Stress, Personality issues, Psychosis, Behavioural concerns of children, Neuropsychological concerns of Elderly, Gender identity concerns and Marital conflicts
Counselling Fees 45 Min
Online: Individual : ₹ 1400
Couple : ₹ 2000
Clinic: Individual : ₹ 1700
Couple : ₹ 2200

Dr. Rituparna Ghosh, is a practicing Clinical and Neuropsychologist with a professional experience for more than 15 years in the field of Psychology and Human Behavior. She has done her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Calcutta and is a National Scholarship holder. She is trained in NLP, Art Based Therapy, REBT, Play Therapy and Trauma Therapy.

She works as Senior Clinical Counsellor and Manager with Podar Education Network and attached with many Clinics and Hospitals as Clinical and Neuropsychologist and deals in treating people suffering from various psychological distresses.

She conducts Workshops and Training Programs for building awareness and sensitizing the society towards Mental Health. She is also a Visiting Lecturer of Psychology and a Researcher and has presented papers on various works in International and National Conferences.

She was working with all the leading Mental Health Units in Kolkata for 10 years before she shifted to Mumbai.

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