Ms. Himangi

Ms. Himangi Mhaprolkar

Full Name: Ms. Himangi Mhaprolkar
Experience: 17 yrs
Qualification: MA in Clinical Psychology
Preferred Language: Marathi, English, Hindi
SpecializationSex, Sexuality and Gender counselling, Sexual Orientation, Coming Out sessions, Family Counselling, Marriage counselling, HIV/AIDS counselling
Counselling Fees 45 Min
Online: Individual : ₹ 800
Couple : ₹ 800
Clinic: Individual : ₹ 1400
Couple : ₹ 1700

Himangi Mhaprolkar is a Clinical Psychologist practicing in Mumbai since last 16 years and she specialize in Sexual Orientation and LGBTI community concerns. She has extensive experience in dealing with more than 3000 such cases in last 16 years. She specialize in Sexual Reassignment Surgery counseling as well and does family counselling with regard to coming out.

Himangi is also trained and specialize in Marriage counseling and couple counseling. For many years she worked as counsellor with a NGO dedicatedly working for LGBTQIA+ community and currently she is working with patients diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

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